Ceramizer for Agricultural Machine Manual Gearboxes and Rear Axles

Ceramizer for Agricultural Machine Manual Gearboxes and Rear Axles

Benefits of using this product

  • Regenerates friction surfaces of gearbox duringexploitation, without the need to dismantle.
  • It is easy to use – adding to oil is enough.
  • Decreases noise levels, eliminates discords during gear shifting.
  • Facilitates gear shifting.
  • Allows in many cases to avoid expensive repairs, reducing the cost compared to traditional repair by up to half.
  • Hardens and increases the wear and tear resistance of rubbing surfaces by up to 8-times.
  • Prevents and protects friction surfaces of gearbox for at least 1 650 mth.
  • In the event of accidental leakage of oil, created ceramic-metal layer allows you to continue operatethe vehicle ( for up to 8 hours).
  • Protects against corrosion and aggresive chemicals.
  • Stops and prevents pitting.

Process of regeneration as well as creation of ceramic surface occurs during exploitation, without the need to dismantle.

Highest effectiveness in use of Ceramizer® is obtained when complying strictly with recommendations and instruction

Indications – Notes

  1. The technology is designed to protect new and regenerate used mechanisms
  2. Ceramizer® can be used with all types of gear oil and for all types of transmissions and reducers.
  3. Smaller doses of Ceramizer® than recommended will not give the expected results.
  4. Increased doses do not cause any side effects, they only lengthen the process of cermet creation.
  5. If any teflon or molybdenum components had been added to oil before, we recommend to exchange this oil and to clean mechanism before appying Ceramizer® . Otherwise its effectiveness will be reduced and process of the cermet creation will be lengthened.
  6. The ceramic layer lasts up to 2 years (under normal operating conditions) or up to 100 000 km /60 000 miles, depending on the operating conditions of the mechanism.
  7. Ceramization of worn down surfaces can be repeated many times with Ceramizer®.
  8. Ceramizer® can be used for any devices (including industrial devices) after consulting the Producer of Ceramizer®.


Amount of doses, needed for ceramization of friction surfaces presented below

Gearbox or Transmission Capacity (L). Operation: 1-4 thousand working hours Operation: 4-16 thousand working hours Operation: 16-25 thousand working hours
10-20 L 4 Doses 8 Doses 12 Doses
20-30 L 8 Doses 12 Doses 16 Doses
30-40 L 12 Doses 16 Doses 20 Doses
>40 L 16 Doses 20 Doses 24 Doses

Package Contains

  1. Instruction of use.
  2. One dispenser of oil additive, each of 4.5g net mass.


  1. A characteristic symptom of early recovery of the mechanism is the reduction of noise after several tens of kilometers.
  2. In the case of significant wear of mechanisms, it is recommended to double the dose of Ceramizer.
  3. In the event that after 100 – 200 km we see no improvement in the working mechanism – it may indicate anincorrect assessment of the wear of the mechanism or proves that the device can be mechanically damaged.
  4. In the case of complex transmissions (powertrains) – it is recommended to double the dose of Ceramizer.
  5. Apply at every stage of the operation, preferably directly at the oil to continue driving with Ceramizer® change for as long as possible.
  6. Use primarily as a preventive measure to protect mechanisms against the effects of friction, significantly extending their service life and uptime.
  7. Do not change oil during the whole period of ceramization (1.5 thousand km or 25 working hours). Oil change should be carried out according to maintenance schedule
  8. Apply along with fuel and engine Ceramizer® additives for optimal effect.

Instructions for Gearboxes, Rearaxles

  1. Warm up rear axle and transmission oil – by operating for 10 minutes.
  2. Turn off the engine.
  3. Remove the gearbox filler plug or rear axle filler plug and apply the dispenser(s) content through the filler plug. In case of a filler with long neck, it is recommended to pour some oil through filler plug before application of Ceramizer®, then apply Ceramizer® and finally pour some oil again. This procedure ensures proper distribution of the additive in the engine lubrication system. In case of strainer filler, it is, recommended to mix Ceramizer® with some oil (e.g. 200ml), and then pour the mixture through oiler filler plug.
  4. Put the filler plug back on.
  5. Make the distance of a few km or operate for 0,5 hours
  6. Drive the vehicle for 200 meters / 220 yards on reverse gear.
  7. The process of ceramic -metal coating formation follows during making the first 25 operating hours in normal working conditions. Do not change oil within this period

Instrucations for Reducers

  1. Warm reducer oil– switch on the reducer, for at least of 30 min. Stop the reducer.
  2. Remove the reducer filler plug and pour in the dispenser(s) content through the filler plug (according to the oil level marking).
  3. Put the filler plug back on.
  4. The process of ceramic -metal coating formation follows up to 60 working hours of reducer in normal working conditions. Do not change oil within this period.


  1. If any Teflon or molybdenum components have been added to the oil before, we recommend changing this oil and cleaning the mechanism before applying Ceramizer® . Otherwise, its effectiveness will be reduced and the process of cermet creation will be lengthened.
  2. In case of any mechanical damages of the engine e.g. cracked or scorched piston ring, leaky valve, deep scratches on the cylinder etc., they should be repaired before adding Ceramizer®.
  3. Ceramizer® does not recondition any places where friction of rubber or plastic with metal parts occurs.


  1. Do not use in automatic transmissions.
  2. Do not use in the screw compressors.
  3. Do not use in differentials containing Slips or LSD – these are mechanisms of increased internal friction.

Saftey and Research

  1. This product is safe and produced in accordance with the EU (91/155/EEC) norm.
  2. Store at a temperature below +40 ºC
  3. Does not clog oil filters or oil ducts.
  4. Does not contain either molybdenum or Teflon.
  5. Keep away from children.
  6. Effectiveness confirmed by tests.


Provides protection against wear and tear for minimum of 1650 operating hours (mth). Ceramizer® can be used again after this mileage has been covered.