Ceramizer for Gearboxes, Rear Axles, Reducers (CB)

Ceramizer for Gearboxes, Rear Axles, Reducers (CB)

ceramizer for gearboxes cb

CERAMIZER is recommended for protection against heavy-duty service, for regeneration of transmissions, gearboxes, rear axles as well as surfaces of metal parts which are subjected to friction.
The proper use of Ceramizer will result in improvements of vehicle’s performance, reducing oil and fuel consumption, reducing vibration and noises, extending the gearbox/reducer’s life as well as the oil change intervals, stops and prevents gearbox pitting. Reconditioning of metal parts through the use of Ceramizer takes place in normal operating conditions without the need to disassemble them. The metal-ceramic coating (which has unique properties) covers worn down surfaces. leading to restoration of ideal geometry of the surfaces that are subjected to fiction.
Ceramizer does not block oil channels, as its particles are extremely small in diameter so they can be freely transferred to the gearbox.
Ceramizer does not affect oil at all. Its viscosity and composition remain unchanged. Oil is used as a means of delivering active nanoparticles into the internal parts of box/reducer prone to friction.


  1. Ceramizer can be used with all types of gear oil and for all types of transmissions and reducers.
  2. The lowered dose of Ceramizer than recommended will not give expected results.
  3. Increased dose does not cause any side effects, it only lengthens the process of cermet layer creation.
  4. Protects rear axle and gearbox surfaces which are subjected to friction for a minimum of 100 000 km / 60 000 miles.
  5. Ceramization of worn surfaces can be repeated many times with Ceramizer.


the below-presented table specifies the quantity OF Ceramizer ( qty of dispensers ) required for ceramization of the surface subjected to friction.

Capacity of Oil in Gear Box (in Litres) 1-2 2-5 5-8 8-11
Amount of Doses 1 Dose 2 Doses 3 Doses 4 Doses


1 dose = one syringe with the preparation of a net weight of 4,5 g.


ceramizer for gearboxes rear axles and reducers

  1. Warm up the rear axle and transmission ail by making a few kilometres
  2. Turn off the engine
  3. Remove the gearbox filler plug or rear axle filer plug and pour the dispenser(s) content through the filler plug (make sure that required level of oil is maintained)
  4. Put the filler plug back on
  5. Make a single drive of minimum 10 km8 miles at speed of up to 90 km/h 56 (miles/ h) and 100 – 300 m / 109 – 327 yards on reverse gear.
  6. The process of ceramic – metal coating formation follows throughout 1500km / 900 miles. Do not change oil within this period.


  1. Warm up oil in the reducer – switch on the reducer, for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Stop reducer.
  3. Remove the reducer filler plug and apply disperser(s) content through the filler plug ( according to the oil level marking).
  4. Put the filler plug back on.


The ceramic – metal coating formation follows up to 60 working hours of reducer in normal working condition. Do not change oil within this period.


  1. If any Teflon or molybdenum components had been added to oil before, we recommend to exchange this oil and to clean mechanism before applying Ceramizer. Otherwise, its effectiveness will be reduced and the process of the cermet creation will be longer.
  2. In case of any mechanical damages of the engine e.g. broken cog , deep scratches or significant wear, they should be repaired before adding Ceramizer .
  3. Ceramizer® does not recondition any places where friction of rubber or plastic with metal parts occurs.
  4. Do not change oil during the whole period of ceramizition ( 1500 km – 930 miles or 25 mth ) . Oil should be carried out according to maintenance schedule .
  5. Apply along with fuel and engine Ceramizer additives for optimal effect .


  1. Do not use in automatic transmissions.
  2. Do not use in the screw compressors.
  3. Do not use to differentials containing Slipes or LSD – these are mechanisms of increased internal friction.


Provides protection against wear and tear for a minimum of 100 000 km / 60 000 miles. Ceramizer can be used again after this mileage.


This product is safe and produced in accordance with the EU (91/155/EEC) norm.

Effectiveness confirmed by tests.


  1. Store at a temperature below +40 °C. lf the storage temperature exceeds 40° C the product can sedimentate. In such case, product should be shaken and cooled to a temperature below 40° C in order to make it ready to use.
  2. Does not contain either molybdenum or Teflon.
  3. Keep away from children.