Ceramizer for Upgrading and Improvement of Fuel Quality

Ceramizer for Upgrading and Improvement of Fuel Quality

Ceramizer for fuel CP

The product is recommended for the improvement of fuel quality. It upgrades an effect of fuel combustion by triggering catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon chains and their oxidation. It is suitable for both diesel and petrol fuels. It is not harmful to the operation and durability of catalytic converters.

Benefits from the application of this product:

  1. Decreases fuel consumption from 2-4 %
  2. Increases the power and mechanical efficiency of the engine.
  3. Keeps the engine clean (removes sludge from the combustion chamber).
  4. Supports unlock injectors and piston rings.
  5. Prevents the formation of sediments and sludge in the combustion chamber (also on the valve heads and ends of atomizers).
  6. Reduces noise and smoke.
  7. Helps to start cold engine especially at low temperatures.
  8. Decreases emission or toxic substances.
  9. Reconditions fuel feeding system during normal exploitation.

Directions for use

ceramizer for fuel quality

During refuelling (immediately prior to pouring fuel) to empty the contents of the syringe to the infusion of the fuel tank and fill the tank 25 – 30 litres (6,6 – 7,9 gal – us) of fuel


Enhances system efficiency and improves performance for up to 10 000km. It’s recommended to reuse the fuel refiner.


This product is safe in accordance with the UE norms.
Effectiveness confirmed in tests.