Ceramizer for 4-Stroke Combustion Engines

Ceramizer for 4-Stroke Combustion Engines

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Ceramizer is recommended for the reconditioning of 4-stroke combustion engines, through regeneration of the surfaces metal parts which are subjected to friction.
The proper use of Ceramizer® will result in improvements of the vehicle’s performance, increasing the compression level in all cylinders, reducing oil and fuel consumption reducing vibration and noise, decreasing toxic emissions and extending the engine’s life as well as the oil change intervals. Ceramizer® neither clogs filters nor blocks channels, as its particles are extremely small in diameter, so they can be freely transferred through filters.
Ceramizer does not affect oil at all. Its viscosity and composition remain unchanged. Oil is used as a means of delivering active Nanoparticles into the internal parts of the engine prone to friction.

Reconditioning of metal parts through the use of Ceramizer® takes place in normal operating conditions without the need to disassemble them. Want to check out ones own results play free pokies. The ceramic-metal coating (which has unique properties) covers worm down surfaces, leading to restoration of ideal geometry of the surfaces which are subjected to friction


  1. Ceramizer® is suitable for all types of oil and for all types of combustion engines petrol engines, diesel with injectors, with direct injection common-rail, with sequential and distributor pumps, for engines powered by gas, turbocharged, those with catalyzers and with lambda probe.
  2. Ceramizer® can be used for combustion engines of any machinery and factory units after consulting the producer
  3. The lowered dose of Ceramizer® than recommended will not provide the expected results.
  4. Increased dose doesn’t cause any side effects; it only lengthens the process of cermet layer creation.
  5. Ceramizer® can be used at every stage of utilization, but at best just after oil exchange.
  6. During the whole process of ceramic coating (1500 km) oil should not be changed. The next oil change should be carried out according to the maintenance schedule.
  7. Use Ceramizer® as a preventive measure to protect the engine against friction and to extend its operating life.


The below-presented table specifies the quantity of dosing (qty. Of dispensers) required for ceramic surfaces subjected to friction. 1 dose = one syringe with the preparation of a net weight of 4 g.

cermaizer for 4-stroke engines doses table in english
  • We recommend doubling the dose of Ceramizer presented in the table if the engine consumes oil.
  • The dose of Ceramizer® should also be doubled for engines used in sports and in extreme operating conditions.
  • You should follow the instruction in instruction paper.

Directions for Use

  1. Warm the engine up to a working temperature of 8o-90˚c. (E.g. After drives or engine operation at idle gear for at least 10 minutes).
  2. Turn the engine off.
  3. Turn off the oil filler plug and inject the dispenser(s) content through the filler plug.
  4. Put the oil filler plug back on.
  5. Start the engine and run on idle gear for 15 minutes.
  6. Cover the distance of 200 km (not necessarily in one-time) with care, do not exceed engine rotational speed of 2700 rpm (if the lower rpm is and higher engine’s friction than more effective creation of the ceramic coating will be achieved).
    Note: 200 km can be replaced by engine operation on idle gear for 4h. On 1 hour on idle gear corresponds to distance 50 km.
  7. Engines which work is specified in motor hours (Mth) should be run within 5 Mth (not necessarily in one-time) not exceeding the speed of 2700 rpm. After completing the distance of 5 Mth, you may drive at any speed. The process of ceramic coating is completed after 30 Mth.
  8. Following making 200 km or engine operation on idle gear for 4 h, you may drive at any speed. The process of forming of ceramic-metal coating follows during 1500 km, but in normal working conditions. Do not change within this period!
  9. In case of vehicles with high mileage or which consume oil, application of dispensers in two phases is recommended. Firstly apply half of the required dosage of dispensers according to the attached user manual, and then after making 500 km apply remaining dispensers in the same manner. This procedure ensures optimum ceramic- metal coating of surfaces subjected to friction.


  1. If any Teflon or molybdenum components have been added to the oil before, we recommend exchanging this oil and to clean the mechanism before applying Ceramizer. Otherwise, its effectiveness will be reduced and the process of cermet creation will be longer.
  2. In case of any mechanical damages of the engine, for example, Cracked or scorched piston ring, leaky valve, deep scratches on the cylinder etc., they should be repaired before adding Ceramizer.
  3. Ceramizer does not recondition any places where the friction of rubber or plastic with metal parts occurs.
  4. In case of engines without automatic adjustment of valve clearance, after Ceramizer® treatment and 1500 km (clatters of valves are heard ), a valve regulation should be performed.
  5. If the engine is equipped with a centrifugal oil filter, it should be cleaned before applying Ceramizer. In these types of filters molecules of Ceramizer® may settle on the filter, therefore the amount that reaches the friction surfaces is reduced.


Provides protection against wear and tear for a minimum of 70 000 km. Ceramizer can be used again after this mileage.


This product is safe and produced in accordance with the EU (91/155/EEC) norm.
Effectiveness confirmed by tests


  1. Store at a temperature below +40 °C.
  2. Ceramizer does not change the rheological parameters of the oil, it does not generate soot particles, sulphated ash, and sulfur, and therefore it does not affect the work of the DPF and can be safely used in engines with DPF.
  3. Does not contain either molybdenum or Teflon.
  4. Keep away from children.