Ceramizer for 4-Stroke Motorsport and Extreme Engines

Ceramizer for 4-Stroke Motorsport and Extreme Engines


Benefits of using this product

  • Ceramizer engine additive shields engine against wear and tear processess.
  • The metal-ceramic layer creation process takes only 100 km (compared to standard Ceramizer – 1500 km).
  • It protects the engine against wear on a minimum of 10,000 km of sports driving.
  • Reduced friction factor to values of up to less than 0,02 – ten times lower then normal steel–steel friction.
  • Hardens and increases the wear and tear resistance of rubbing surfaces, even up to 10 times. Microhardness- 4000-4500 MPa (400 – 450 kG/mm 2 ) (for comparison microhardness of steel is 60 kG/mm 2 ).
  • Decreases fuel consumption by 3 to 15 %.
  • Decreases oil consumption.
  • Decreases noise level and stabilizes the work of engine, improves dynamics of car.
  • Equalizes compression pressure in cylinders.
  • Regenerates friction surfaces.
  • Faciliates start of engine, especially in low temperatures.
  • Regenerates friction surfaces during exploitation, without the need to dismantle them. Restored surfaces are durable and protected for 15 000 km (9 300 miles).Extends the operational life of friction pairs in the mechanism for up to 5 times.
  • Ceramizer engine oil additive substitutessome repairs, reducing repair costs by a half in comparison with the traditional methods
  • Longer operating period between oil changes (min 50% increase).
  • In the event of oil leakage and loss, guaranteed continuous and safe use of vehicle (engine for up to 500 km/ 300 miles).
  • Protection against corrosion and aggressive chemicals especially when lower quality fuel and lubricants are used.
  • Decreased exhaust emission of toxic gases.
  • Protection against piston ring seizure.
  • Protection of natural environment.
  • Ceramizer® may be used for any kind of machine or factory unit after consulting the Producer.

Process of regeneration as well as creation of ceramic surface occurs during exploitation, without the need to dismantle the mechanism.

Highest effectiveness in use of Ceramizer® is reached when complying strictly with recommendations and instruction.

Indications – Notes

  1. During the whole process of ceramization (100 km / 60 miles) oil should not be changed. The next oil change should be done when required by the servicing program
  2. Ceramizer® is compatible with all types of oil and for combustion engines (petrol engines, supplied by gas, Diesel, turbocharged engines and these with catalytic converters).
  3. A lowered dose of Ceramizer® will not give the expected results.
  4. Increased dose doesn’t cause any side effects, it only lengthens the process of cermet creation.


Amount of doses, needed for ceramization of friction surfaces presented below

Preventive approach
Engine capacity (in litres) (1 – 2) L (2.1 – 3) L (3.1 – 5) L (5.1 – 8) L (8.1 – 12) L
Boxes of CSX (1 box = 2 dose) 1 2 3 4 5
Regenerative approach
Engine capacity (in litres) (1 – 2) L (2.1 – 3) L (3.1 – 5) L (5.1 – 8) L (8.1 – 12) L
Boxes of CSX (1 box = 2 dose) 2 4 6 8 10

Package Includes

  1. Instructions of use.
  2. Two doses of Ceramizer CS with net mass of 2×4,5 g.


  1. Measure the compression pressure (before and after treatment) in cylinders of the engine – in order to confirm the effectiveness of Ceramizer and obtain tangible effects.
  2. Apply at any stage, preferably directly at the oil change for optimally long period of driving with Ceramizer®.
  3. Use primarily for preventive reasons to protect the engine against the effects of friction, significantly prolonging its life.
  4. Ceramizer® can be used with any type of oil and in any engine.
  5. During the full processing (100 km) do not change oil. We recommend using CSX at each oil change or every 10 000 km.
  6. In case of a brand new engine use CSX after the run in period and after engine overhaul allow 200 km mileage minimum before applying CSX.


  1. Change oil and oil filter before applying CSX.
  2. Warm the engine up to 80-90 oC, by driving or keeping the engine going on idle gear for at least 10 minutes. In winter time heat up the engine to about 25 degrees Celsius, i.e. using the warmth of your hand (substance has grease-like consistence and dissolves in over 25 degrees Celsius). °C).
  3. Shake the syringe for approx 30 secs.
  4. Turn the engine off.
  5. Unscrew the cap oil reservoir and pour the content of the syringe into the engine’s inlet.
  6. Turn the cap oil reservoir back on.
  7. Turn the engine on and leave it on the idle gear for 15 minutes.
  8. Drive carefully for 100 km / 62 miles (not necessarily at one time), not exceeding 2700 rotations/minute or leave running on idle for about 4 hrs.


  1. If any teflon or molybdenum components had been added to oil before, we recommend to exchange this oil and to clean mechanism before appying Ceramizer®. Otherwise its effectiveness will be reduced and process of the cermet creation will be lengthened.
  2. In case of any mechanical damages of the engine e.g. cracked or scorched piston ring, leaky valve, deep scratches on the cylinder etc., they should be repaired before adding Ceramizer®.
  3. After engine overhaul please make 200-300 km of mileage before applying CSX.
  4. Ceramizer® does not recondition any places where friction of rubber or plastic with metal parts occurs.
  5. In case of engines without automatic adjustment of valve clearance, if after Ceramizer® treatment during 1500 km /900 miles, clatters of valves are heard, a regulation should be performed.
  6. If the engine is equipped with a centrifugal oil filter, it should be cleaned before applying Ceramizer®, and it is recommended to turn off the oil circulation while tooling, by using a tube (if possible). In these types of filters molecules tend to settle down, therefore the amount that reaches friction surfaces is reduced.
  7. The syringes are usable and the product is fully functional even if a small leakage of product under the pusher is noticed. During the creation of the cermet layer increased exhaust smoke may occur.
  8. The advantage of CSX is rapid ceramization (100 km or 3 hrs on idle) which allows for efficient use in motorsports.
  9. The quickly created cermet layer is equally efficient as in standard CS product but thinner and less durable thus we recommend using CSX every oil change.
  10. Effectiveness of CSX is the same in case of every engine type: Diesel, Gas, petrol, bio, hybrid.

Saftey and Research

  1. This product is safe and produced in accordance with the EU (91/155/EEC) norm.
  2. Store at a temperature below +40 ºC
  3. Does not clog oil filters or oil ducts.
  4. Does not contain either molybdenum or Teflon.
  5. Keep away from children.
  6. Effectiveness confirmed by tests.


Ceramizer provides protection against wear and tear for minimum of 15 000 km/ 9 300 miles. Ceramizer® can be used again after this mileage.