Is this Enginestech® product made for gasoline or diesel engines?

Fuel Treatment was designed to clean and lubricate the fuel systems of both gasoline and diesel engines.

Are Enginestech® products safe for my car engines?

Yes. All of the products have been extensively tested and are safe for use in all cars engines and other engines as well. Always remember to follow the usage recommendations, which are indicated on the label.

Will Enginestech® products void my warranty?

No. All Enginestech® product undergo extensive testing to evaluate their performance and are determined to be safe for use in vehicles both new and old.

Are Enginestech® products safe for Two-Stroke engines? Four- Stroke engines?

Enginestech® oil and fuel additives have been specifically formulated for use in four- Stroke gasoline engines. Extensive testing in these engines has encompassed a broad range of passenger car usage and clearly demonstrated the value of our products in these applications. The performance of our products in two- Stroke engines also good.

How much do I use?

All Enginestech® products are individually labelled for dose and treatment intervals.

Can I use Enginestech® additives with other products?

Enginestech® products are completely compatible with all other standard oils and lubricant additives that are intended for similar use.

Is Enginestech® still involved with racing?

Yes, we still have a relationship with Motorsports. We’re also the title sponsor of many participants in ALMANIEIA FESTIVAL, Al Qassim.

Can I use Enginestech® Oil Treatment in my manual transmission?

Enginestech® Oil Treatment has been used successfully in manual transmissions, gearboxes and differentials at a 10% treat-rate by volume (i.e., 90% oil and 10% Oil Treatment by volume). Do not overfill.

Quick Facts

Engine lubricants and additives, what’s the difference?

Actually, nearly all lubricants contain additives (from 10 to 30%), whether the oils are synthetic or petroleum-based. Engine oil additives are chemical compounds that improve the lubricant performance of base oil.

Ways to Reduce Fuel Usage

  • Use Enginestech lubricants.
  • Check your air pressure of tyre on a regular basis (once a month).
  • Go for a smoother driving style, avoiding rapid acceleration and braking whenever possible.
  • Avoid using AC of your vehicle whenever possible.
  • Change into a higher gear as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • Use cruise control on motorways whenever possible in order to reduce the impact of accelerating & braking on your fuel consumption.

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